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The Long Curve LT Post – Have It Both Ways

Handrails are critically important for a lot of reasons, but the most important is that they provide a measure of safety for those who are going to be negotiating stairs, especially stairs that are outside that can become slippery when it’s wet or cold. Unfortunately, too many people have been forced to choose between style and safety over the years, and that’s not a choice that we feel you should have to make. 

Our handrails and railings are not only sturdy and safe, but they are also aesthetically pleasing because of their beautiful craftsmanship. You can see for yourself above that our products not only work well, but look good. You can put the Long Curve LT Post outside on stairs and rest easy that people will have something to hold onto when they go up or down what would otherwise be a tricky stair or two. 

In addition, our handrails and railings are easy to install. We supply 3 lag bolts for you, and if you’re thinking this is something you can handle yourself, there’s no reason not to try. That’s because we provide you with specific directions that walk you through the process. Even if you need more help, we’re always available for contact if you need to talk to a person who has knowledge in this regard.

The Long Curve LT Post features an epoxy primer in white, which will need a finish coat. You can also choose from finishes that include gloss, semi-gloss, or flat white. You’re also not stuck with just outdoor stairs, either, as all of our handrails and railings are made for indoor or outdoor installation.

Finally, all of our products are made right here in the United States of America, and lifetime warranties are available on all of our handrails and railing products. 

Color / Finish

Primer White, Gloss White (+$15), Semi-Gloss White (+$15), Flat White (+$15)


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